Our services fall into 3 broad categories:

  1. Taxes and Tax Planning
  2. Financial Analysis Planning, and
  3. Assurance

Taxes & Tax Planning


While as citizens we’re obligated to pay our taxes, as individuals and business people we’re equally obligated to pay no more in taxes than we owe. We offer our clients creative and practical methods for legally minimizing their tax liabilities, as well as, assistance in tax planning.


  • Tax return preparation and compliance: Many of our clients are individuals who rely on us yearly to prepare their tax returns. We’re long-experienced at interceding with the IRS to favorably resolve outstanding tax issues and liabilities.
  • Tax, estate and retirement planning: Minimizing taxes for individuals and estates demands looking ahead and may require the creation of financial vehicles for use at a later date. We can help you set up whatever is needed, based upon your unique circumstances and financial goals.


  • Tax returns and planning for corporations, LLCs and partnerships: We are well-trained and -versed in the tax needs and regulations for all businesses, whether be it a small partnership or a large corporation.
  • Tax and financial planning for executives and owners: Again, a little forethought and planning now can save significant sums in taxes later on. We are particularly adept at the structuring of transactions that minimize your liabilities and reduce your tax bite.

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Financial Analysis

With our half century of collective wisdom and experience, we excel in helping our clients analyze the various financial tasks their businesses put before them.

Some of these are:

  • Creation of business plans
  • Budgeting
  • Projections and forecasts
  • Issue analysis
  • Capital budgeting, and
  • Cash flow and discounting analysis

In addition, we can assist you in regard to a broad array of projects, including:

  • Selection and implementation of retirement programs for owners and executives
  • Structuring tax-free real estate exchanges
  • Maximizing depreciation deductions on purchased property and equipment
  • New business structuring to optimize tax advantages and cost savings
  • Outsourcing CFO and controllership services

Personal Financial Planning

As a qualified Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Chris and his colleagues are equally adept at bringing the same watchful eye and expertise to your personal finances. Whether helping you with estate planning or evaluating a mortgage, we give your personal financial planning the time and attention it deserves.

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In addition to being CPAs, we are experienced internal auditors.

Our assurance services include:

  • Internal control process design, evaluation and reviews
  • Audits and reviews of financial statements, and
  • Outsourced internal audit services

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